BREED GROUP : Sporting
COLOUR(s) : Solid black or black and tan cream, red, brown, and brown with tan points;

Particolor variety: any color with white.

Distinct feature : They have long and silky fur with miniature size. Eyes and nose are distinctively black. They have punch face.
COAT : The Most commonly seen in white, solid black, or light cream this breed has a beautiful silky coat that should either lay flat, or be slightly wavy.
Temperament : American Cocker Spaniels are intelligent and very loyal dogs. However, they do require an energetic owner, as they are very playful and active. This lively breed makes a great household pet, Cocker Spaniels are beautiful dogs that can get along well with older children. A very cheerful dog, this breed loves to play and sometimes enjoys barking.
Activity : American Cocker Spaniel is recommended for a home with at least a small yard, but can do well in an apartment if they receive the proper exercise. This is a fairly active breed and does require 3 walks per day



The American Eskimo Dog is a breed of companion dog originating in Germany. The American Eskimo is a member of the Spitz familR

Higher classification: Dog

HEIGHT: 38 – 51 cm (Standard Size)

LIFE SPAN: 13 – 15 years

ORIGIN: Germany, United States of America

TEMPERMENT: Reserved, Protective, Alert, Friendly, Intelligent

COLOURS: White, Biscuit

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COLOUR(s) : black
DISTINCT FEATURES : Attentive, alert, loving, and smart, the Belgian Sheepdog requires firm socialization at an early age as they tend to be very protective of their owners and territory. Nipping at ankles is a common trait for this breed, as they still possess a strong herding instinct.
COAT : The Belgian Sheepdog has somewhat of a harsh texture to his coat, but it should be neither silky nor wiry. A full double coat, the outercoat should remain coarse yet soft, and the undercoat should be dense and fluffy.
TEMPERMENT : This is a very high-energy breed, and should always have a job to do. The Belgian Sheepdog can do well with children, but can present aggressive behavior towards other dogs. Does well with other household pets if properly socialized.
ACTIVITY : The Belgian Sheepdog would do best with at least an average sized yard but is given proper exercise, can do well without one. Long brisk walks are required if this breed is to live without a yard. This breed does best when off lead in a safe and fenced in area.

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Breed Group : Working
Weight : 32 kgs
Height : 63 cms
Color(s) : fawn and brindle, both with or without white flashing and black mask.
Distinct feature : Boxers are lively, strong, and extremely loyal. They have an exceedingly high energy level. They carry themselves with pride, but are never arrogant. They have a stoic stance, and are intelligent, loving, delightful companions.
Coat : The Boxer has a shorthaired coat, which is shiny, smooth, and fits tightly to the body. The coat comes in such colors as fawn, red, and brindle, with
Temperament : The Boxer is patient, dignified, and self-assured. They exhibit curiosity, but are wary of strangers. This breed is fearless and courageous if threatened. They are keenly alert and have a heightened sense of hearing, which make them excellent guard dogs. The Boxer adores children and other pets they have been raised with. They have an inordinate need for human companionship and do not like to be alone for extended periods of time. They are not well suited for a two career family.
Activity : The Boxer enjoys regular play and outdoor exercise. They thrive on playing with their family and do best with a medium sized fenced yard. It is important to keep them stimulated and occupied indoors to prevent destruction brought about by boredom. The Boxer will do okay in an apartment if they are sufficiently and regularly exercised.


Breed Group : Non-Sporting
Weight : 40 kgs
Height : 56 cms
Color(s) : solid red, black, blue, cinnamon, and cream.
Distinct feature : The Chow Chow is a true masterpiece of dignity and beauty. They possess the unique characteristic of having a blue-black tongue. They are keenly intelligent, have an independent spirit, and display a dignified demeanor.
Coat : The Chow Chow has an abundant and profuse double coat that comes in two different varieties: smooth or rough. The fur is particularly thick around the neck area and resembles a lion's mane. The outer coat is coarse and is supported by a dense under coat. The most common coat colors are red, black, blue, tan, and gray. They are never parti-colored.
Temperament : The Chow Chow is most generally polite and patient. They are very loyal and friendly with their family, but exceedingly reserved with strangers. They most often will become attached and overly protective of one particular member of the family.
Activity : They prefer to stay indoors where they are relatively inactive. They enjoy a small securely fenced yard, but cannot remain outside for extended periods of time in hot weather. They benefit from short daily walks. The Chow is well suited for apartment dwelling provided they are given sufficient exercise.




Breed Group : Non-Sporting
Weight : 32 kgs
Height : 61 cms
Color(s) : Black spots on white background; spots should be round, well defined, and preferably separated. Dalmatians are born white and develop spots.
Distinct feature : Dalmatians are of medium size and are extremely active and energetic. They are bold, unique, and are known as the clowns of the dog world. This is a versatile breed that possesses the ability to work as a vermin hunter, hound, and circus performer as well as being a loyal companion.
Coat : The Dalmatian has a hard, smooth, short and dense coat. The color of the coat is pure white with spots that are either black or liver. Puppies are born completely white and spots develop as they mature.
Temperament : The Dalmatian is exceedingly social and thrives on human companionship and attention. They are extremely sensitive and do not do well if left alone for extended periods of time. They will typically get along with household pets they have been raised with, but display aggression to dogs they do not know. This breed is aloof with strangers and makes an excellent watchdog; only barking when absolutely necessary.
ACTIVITY ;The Dalmatian must have daily frequent exercise. They enjoy participating in family activities and play sessions. Quality time spent with their family is extremely important to this breed. With their high degree of endurance, the Dalmatian makes an excellent walking, jogging, and hiking companion. This breed does best with a securely fenced yard they can romp and run in. Dalmatians are not recommended for apartment dwelling unless it is possible for them to receive a walk or run several times a day.Enter your text here



Breed Group : Working

Weight : 27-25 KGS
Height : 24-28 Inches
Color(s) : Black, chocolate brown
Distinct feature : The Doberman is a strong, loyal and agile animal, making it the ideal guard dog
Coat : The coat of the Doberman Pinscher is thick, smooth, short, hard, and close-fitting. The color of the coat comes in fawn, red, blue, black and tank, and black. There are typically rust colored markings above the eyes, on the muzzle, throat, legs, feet, chest, and below the tail.
Temperament : Doberman Pinschers are often perceived as being ferocious and aggressive. As a protection dog, the Doberman is large and intimidating, fearless, and willing to protect its owner, but it must be obedient and restrained to only do so On command.
Character : Doberman Pinschers as dogs of medium to large size, with a square build and short coat. They have compact built, and possess endurance and swiftness. The dog was originally intended as it guard dog, so males should have a muscular, athletic and noble appearance. Females are thinner, but should not be feeble.
Activity : Highly energetic, Doberman Pinschers require daily extensive exercise and stimulation. They enjoy family play sessions and make wonderful walking companions. This breed will do okay in an apartment provided they are sufficiently exercised. However, a securely fenced yard is best for romping and running freely.



Breed Group : Sporting
Weight : Weight for dogs, 65-75 lb., bitches 60-70 avoirdupois unit.
Height : Males 23-24 inches tall at the withers, females 21.5-22.5 inches. Length from os to buttocks slightl
Color(s) : color lustrous golden of varied shades. a couple of white hairs on chest permissible however not fascinating. additional white markings to be faulted aside from greying or lightening of the face or body as a result of age. Any noticeable space of black or different indelicate hair is to be faulted.
Distinct feature : The Golden Retriever is a gorgeous, large, and energetic breed. They are the world's foremost family pet and companion. They are sturdy, well proportioned, and are well known for their hunting capabilities on land and in the water. The Golden is perceptive and agile.
Coat : The Golden Retriever has a double coat that is water repellent and weather resistant. The outer coat is firm, resilient, and can be wavy or straight. The tail and legs are feathered with longer hair. The under coat is dense and soft in texture. The coat color is rich, lustrous, and varies in shades of cream to gold.
Temperament : Friendly, reliable, and trustworthy. Hostility or aggressiveness towards different dogs or folks, undue timidity or nervousness in traditional things isn't to keep with the character of retriever. Dogs displaying poor temperament ought to be exempt from the ring. Any departure from the delineate ideal shall be thought of faulty to the degree to that it interferes with the breed's purpose or is contrary to breed character. Deviation tall of over one in. from customary either manner. Monochordism or cryptochordism. underhung or protrusive bite. This condition to not be confused with arrangement of teeth. Trichiasis (abnormal position or direction of the eyelashes).



Breed Group : Sporting
Weight : There is no disqualification on size. The create and match of all elements and their overall balance
Height : Weight of regarding seventy pounds is taken into account ideal for the dog; the bitch twenty five in
Color(s) : Mahogany or wealthy chestnut red with no black. alittle quantity of white on chest, throat or toes, or a slim targeted streak on bone isn't to be punished.
Distinct feature : The Irish Setter is a full of life, noble gun dog, wealthy red color, and substantial nevertheless elegant in build. Standing over 2 feet tall at the shoulder, the dog encompasses a straight, fine, shiny coat, longer on the ears, chest, and tail and back of legs. Afield, a people Setter may be a swift-moving hunter; reception, a sweet natured companion. At their best, the lines of a people Setter thus satisfy in overall balance that artists have termed it the foremost stunning of all the dogs. the right specimen invariably exhibits balance, whether or not standing or in motion. every half of} the dog flows and fits swimmingly into its neighboring part while not line attention to that.
Coat : Short and fine on head and forelegs. On all alternative elements of moderate length and flat. feather long and glossy on ears; on back of forelegs and thighs long and fine, with a delightful fringe of hair on belly and cut extending onto the chest. Fringe on tail moderately long and tapering. All coat and feather as straight and free as potential from curl or wave. a people Setter is cut for the show ring to emphasise the lean head and clean neck. the highest third of the ears and therefore the throat nearly to the bone area unit cut. Excess feather is removed to point out the natural look of the dog.
Temperament : The Irish Setter has playful temperament. Shyness, hostility or timidity area unit untypical the breed. associate outdoing stable temperament is that the essence of a people Setter.

labrador retriever


Breed Group : Sporting
Weight : 34 kgs
Height : 90 cms
Color(s) : Solid black, yellow, or chocolate
Distinct feature : The Labrador Retriever is medium in size, strong, athletic, and well balanced. They are friendly, outgoing, and possess an extremely sweet personality. This sporting breed is adept at hunting and retrieving. Labrador Retrievers are revered as companions and highly respected for their loving nature.
Coat : The Labrador Retriever is a double coat breed. The outer coat is straight, short, very dense, and hard in texture. The under coat is soft, weather-resistant, and protects this breed from cold, all types of ground cover, and water. The color of the coat comes in chocolate, black, and yellow.
Temperament : This breed is highly intelligent, loyal, and deeply devoted. The Labrador Retriever is reliable, affectionate, and thrive on human companionship and attention. They are absolutely wonderful with children and get along exceedingly well with other dogs. They may be reserved with strangers and make good watchdogs.
Activity : Delightful, high-spirited, and energetic, the Labrador Retriever requires a great deal of exercise. They enjoy family play sessions, securely leashed walks, swimming, and a safely fenced yard to run and romp freely. This breed will do okay in an apartment dwelling provided they are given sufficient exercise, attention, and stimulation.



Breed Group : Terrier
Weight :
Height :
Color(s) : Any color
Distinct feature : The Pit Bull has evolved into a marvelous working and companion dog, used for purposes as varied as those it originally performed. Pit Bulls are employed as police/armed services dogs, search and rescuers, therapy animals, and livestock workers. They compete in all manner of organized dog sports, from herding to agility to conformation to obedience and the bite sports.
Coat : Thick, short, shiny hair
Temperament : Courageous, loyal, full of energy; Should be socialized early on with children and other animals. They make loving pets for children and seniors, and everyone in between. The are indeed one of the most versatile breeds on the planet. Much of this is owed to the activities it once performed. The harshness and physical demands of the activities molded a strong, healthy, stable animal, one anyone should be proud to own.
Character :
Activity : Needs a substantial amount of vigorous exercise which needs to be on-leash. Enjoys running along side a bicycle.



Breed Group : Working
Weight : 59 kgs
Height : 69 cms
Color(s) : Black with tan markings
Distinct feature : The Rottweiler can be a very fun loving dog, however he is very powerful and can be serious at times. Early obedience training and socialization is a must. This breed can be very territorial and protective of their family and their environment. Rottweilers can be very intimidating, still retaining an undeserving reputation as a vicious and/or mean dog, however they do extremely well in a family environment.
Coat : The Rottweiler has an outer coat that is short, straight, dense and of medium length. The coat should always be coarse to the touch. The undercoat should be present around the neck and thighs. Coat should never be wavy or curly. The Rottweiler has one of the most noticeable coats with the distinct black and bright rust coloring along their legs, underbelly and muzzle.
Temperament : The temperament of the Rottweiler can vary. Some can be very affectionate and somewhat of a clown, while others can be bullies. It is critical that this breed is socialized at an early age. Rottweilers can do well with children if raised around them, but should be supervised around small children due to their sheer size and power. The Rottweiler can do well around other dogs, however can be somewhat combative and can show aggression if not socialized properly as this is a very protective breed of both their family and their territory.



Breed Group : Working
Weight :
Height :

Color(s) : All colors from black to pure white
Distinct feature : The Siberian Husky is a compact and strong working dogThey display a measure of dignity and reserve. The Siberian Husky is an amiable companion and willing worker.
Coat : The Siberian Husky has a medium length double coat. The under coat is dense and soft in texture. The outer coat is longer and coarse with straight guard hairs. Their coat comes in a variety of colors and patterns. The most common colors are black and white, gray and white, copper red and white, and pure white. The facial markings include masks and spectacles.
Temperament : The Siberian Husky has an affectionate, gentle, and friendly disposition. They are alert and eager to please. They are highly intelligent and have an independent spirit, which can sometimes be a challenge to their owner. This versatile breed gets along very well with children and other medium sized dogs.
Character :
Activity : The Siberian Husky has an innate and deep desire to run. They do best with a large securely fenced yard.They make excellent walking and jogging companions provided they are very securely leashed and the climate is not too hot. The Husky is not recommended for apartment dwelling unless they are exceedingly well trained and sufficiently exercised.



Breed Group : Working
Weight : 6-8kgs
Height : 30-32 cms
Color(s) : White,
Distinct feature : They have long and silky fur with miniature size. Eyes and nose are distinctively black. They have punch face.
Coat : The Samoyed has a long and thick double coat and requires a lot of grooming.
Temperament : This is a very peaceful breed that tends to be very active. Very loyal, the Samoyed usually favors his master . This dog has the tendency to bark quite a bit, and will alert you when someone is approaching. Does not do well with smaller and more passive animals, but can do well with cats and other dogs. The Samoyed is very friendly and does well with children.
Character :
: The Samoyed does best in cooler climates, but will do okay in warmer weather. Proper exercise is required as this breed can be lively.